Introducing colour into the wardrobe is a daunting task for many while others are veterans at it. Either way, at MUSE we love to inspire the cautious and indulge the magpies! The way we perceive colour differs from person to person and sometimes, our favourite hue can quickly become our best friend as it will both update your look and your mood.

We had a play with all the crayons in the box yesterday and have put a little post together to inspire you to brighten things up…



A neutral wardrobe of blacks, whites, greys and neutrals is a fool proof way to build a stable foundation and you are definitely onto something….is there anymore more chic than black and white? So now that you have a foundation, it is time to decorate! Adding just a hint of bright gives that unexpected layer to your dressing and elevates your outfit from Classic to Interesting!

The easiest way to do it is with a shoe or a handbag, of course. Even a slash of red lippy when your look is monochrome. But we are asking you dip your toe a little further and replace your white Shirt under a Beige Suit with a pop of ORANGE like this citrus CELIA knit from BAUM UND PFERDGARTEN

Or even a spring jacket in a bright colour that you can throw on over any neutral outfit, we love this Pink Cord Jacket from Max Mara Weekend AND it’s on sale!


If there is shade that really speaks to you then we say go hard, or go home! Wearing one colour from head to toe is completely possible with the right shades and textures, and breaking it up with a neutral show, belt or handbag.

BLUE is a good way to start experimenting because you could wear a pair of dark blue jeans such as these Skinny Jeans from AG paired with a soft cashmere knit in calming pale blue by Mia Fratino and then could go one further with a Navy loafer. We also cannot leave out these Midnight Blue Velvet Pants from PAIGE denim to take you from your day denim to an elegant evening. Greens and Pinks are also a no brainer for creating a tonal top to toe look, as Suzie has shown in the video.

Texture is another way to create the tonal look for example these Forest Green Velvet Jeans by AG paired with a green silk cami or shirt will take the ordinary to the extraordinary.


So we have a hint of colour and one colour from head to toe, but what about wearing a couple of colours at once! We realise this is not everyone and we certainly don’t want you leaving our store looking like a trifle! But done right, you may find you get the hang of marrying hues together and breathing new life into your wardrobe just by mixing and matching!

Combining the colour spectrum comes with practice and instinct but you also want to make sure you throw in a neutral in the mix to bring the harmony. Some good colour combos are the Parisian favourite, red and pink. But also cornflower and sky blues with shades of chocolate brown and tan are to die for. But then lets be a little more daring and consider Peach and Burgundy, Navy and Orange, Pale Blue and Dusky Pink against a tan leather handbag or Deep Purple and Bright Red! The list goes on and the combinations are endless!

DM us on instagram or give us a call as we love to help you get dressed and inspire you to keep your style fresh.

HAPPY Spring everyone!

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